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tv   Today  NBC  March 15, 2012 2:05am-3:05am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> middle of the week, everybody, and it was a beautiful day yesterday. another gorgeous day here in new york. winesday wednesday. march 14th. >> i think it's time to put the coats away. i think it's about time. >> got home yesterday after our lovely lunch that ann curry threw all the ladies of "today." it was lovely. >> now you're showing off. >> east 52nd street. it means the frog. just say it was at the frog. it was delicious.
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we had a wonderful time. got home and guess what had happened? >> what happened? >> not only are the daffodils full out, they're out, and some of the trees starting to put outdoor furniture outside. what a thrill! for city people it's, like, yeah. come on, we put them away for like six months and then all of a sudden -- >> you take the chairs out, baby. >> we don't have cushions out yet. don't go crazy. >> good. doesn't it feel nice? >> it's like there's hope. hope springs eternal. >> i feel sorry for this first girl we're going to talk about today. amanda still, 19 years old. this young lady was in atlanta. and you guys, it's happened to all of us. we've accidentally dropped our cell phone somewhere. hers fell down the trash chute of her building. she was tossing out some garbage. she looked down the chute and thought, you know what? i can get it. i can get it. >> she must have seen it. >> she could see it so she stuck her head in and dove in the trash chute. i have a similar one. >> same thing.
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>> dove in, got stuck between the second and first floors. the fire department had to come. 911 was called, obviously. she was trapped for an hour dangling her head first. >> at this point you think she cares more about how she looks or what it smells like? what do you think's bothering her the most at this point? >> she didn't get her phone back. >> go all the way down. go down to the trash floor and get it out of the trash. >> she must have seen it lodged or something. we asked our facebook people what you guys -- where have you lost your cell phone? we got a wide variety of answers. >> some of them we can't even discuss because they are so disgusting. most of the time it's a toilet involved. >> that's what happens. it slips out of your hand when you're in the bathroom. you had that, didn't you? >> it's really none of your business. yes, it's happened to me. more than that, we wear microphones, and we have these pads that we wear. and we love it when we have to go to our sound guys and go oh, by the way -- >> it slipped off.
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>> it's a little damp. >> if you do ever drop your cell phone in the toilet, they say that the best way to save it -- >> put it in your bowl of rice sitting right there. >> have a bowl of dry rice. they have it at manicure places because oftentimes people drop their phones when they're getting a pedicure or something. one guy, this is nasty. should we say it? >> yeah, you do it. you're good at it. >> a friend of his dropped it in a port-a-potty. and then went after it. blah. >> kara leone dropped hers in a woodburning stove. it didn't make calls afterwards. really? but she was able to at least see her contact. here's the thing. aren't you supposed to back up everything with a back -- with a plan "b," right? >> i don't have that. >> why am i not surprised? >> i really don't. if i lost my phone -- and the thing is, again, because i don't remember anybody's phone number anymore except for my mom's. >> yep. >> and probably one or two others. that's it. i mean, i'd be out of luck without my phone. >> doesn't kathy, your
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assistant, have all the numbers? >> i guess some of the work related ones are in mine. >> she's always out with foot problems. we want to say hello to her. she's at home recuperating from my foot doctor. she's out of feet, though. that's the good news. she's had both feet done now. >> kathy, we're glad you're back. she's back at work. >> i have good news. >> oh. >> i have to say the good news. you know how once in a while great things happen for nice, nice people. >> what happened? >> chef matt out in grand rapids, right? at the reserve restaurant has been nominated for a james beard award. do you know what that is? it's a restaurant that's off the beaten track in grand rapids. i'm happy for him. >> congrats to him. good for you. if you want to know if your boyfriend/husband is a cheater, there is an app for that. >> of course there is. >> now, here's the deal. we're going to tell you about the app. there are ten questions that have been compiled, very simple
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questions that they say will determine whether your significant other is a cheater. okay? here are the questions. get ready. is he an extrovert or an introvert? >> i said it a different way. i just decided, you know what? who would a dream man be? so i did it that way. >> okay. so extrovert? >> no. >> introvert. you did introvert. >> i'm extroverted enough for anybody. >> does he earn more than $75,000? >> in new york, that's not a lot of money. >> the answer is yes. how high is his education level? is it high school? college? or advanced degrees? >> i just want advanced degree for fun. >> same here. how old is he? okay. >> about my age. >> all right. what kinds of physique does he have? >> athletic? because there was chubby, athletic and really buff. >> i like chubby. what kind of town was he raised in? urban? >> i said suburban. what did you say? >> i said urban.
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>> really? >> yes, i said urban. okay. what kind of -- >> keith urban? just kidding. >> what kind of car does he drive? >> i said a nice sedan. not flashy but elegant. >> i said a ford. has he ever cheated or been cheated on in his past? >> i said yes. one time by a woman, broke her heart so he knows how it feels. >> okay, good. so was he ever cheated on, though? >> he was cheated on. he was cheated on so he knows how it feels. >> what's his commitment history? that's another question. >> married but amicably divorced. >> same. how many sexual partners has he had in the past? >> just less than me. >> the choices are -- the numbers are pretty astonishing for that, around they? >> not if you're dating charlie sheen. >> okay. all right. so -- and they sound like very basic questions. so when you and i both took the quiz, and our results are -- we don't even know what they are. >> we both got a "c," so he's on the fence. >> he's not a definite cheater. >> here's the thing.
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obviously the longer you live, the more opportunities you have to cheat. the more options you have in life, meaning the more money and the more people around, you have more opportunities to cheat. >> yep. >> it seems to me. so, you know. and then i know some people that have lived on a farm with their nearest neighbor, 20 miles away, and he's cheated. so there's no -- >> and half the country's marriages are ending in divorce, the chances are that most people who take this quiz -- i mean, everybody's taken it so far has been on the fence or the guy's a cheater, which is probably true. >> because there's only one billy graham in the world. "glamour" did this survey. this was, i thought, kind of shocking. they asked how many guys have accidentally said "i love you" before they meant it. and they said that half -- half of the men said they accidentally said it either when they were drinking too much or when they were having sex. >> or when they said it because they wanted sex. >> yes. or they said it to get sex. >> yeah, yeah.
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and they're the ones, amazingly enough, who end up cheating later once they get you. >> and their greatest fear, men's greatest fear, which is not death, a lot of women think it is, but they say it's poverty. >> well, some guys should fear death more after they cheat. because sometimes you want to kill them. >> yeah. and also, probably an older guy would be more concerned with death. >> yeah, that's the thing with these. you have to know -- i mean, what are you worried about, jerry? come over here, please, for a moment. you're our target guy. you represent every man to everyone. yes. huh? no, come on over here, my darling. speak into my bosom because that's where my microphone is. what's your question? >> i don't remember. >> death or poverty? >> poverty. absolutely. i have a family to raise. >> but what if you were older and your kids are -- >> if you're closer to death, you worry about death, but i'm not that close yet. >> how old are you, jer? >> 55. >> you've got a couple of years.
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speed limit. ooh, i like that. jerry's the speed limit. or he's a speed bump to somebody. >> it's a sad day today. you know why? >> oh, yeah. >> the encyclopedia britannica has just stopped the presses it. that's it. >> anybody under 30 out there is going what? what's the problem? but after 244 years -- >> yeah, they decided it's going out of print. it came out every two years and they would update it. the way the world is now with information and things being update -- >> on a daily basis. >> it is kind of antiquated. by the way, it is so expensive. 1400 bucks for the encyclopedia. we used to have the world book encyclopedia. >> right. i think i had that one. >> the britannica? >> i forget. i just remember you couldn't do a term paper back in my day unless you had that. and my kids would not even know what the heck i was talking about. >> but here's the funny thing. a lot of people go to wikipedia because it sounds like an encyclopedia, but that stuff
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could be changed by any mary smith on the street. >> keep in mind there's stuff on there that's not true at all. i'm not saying it was put on on purpose. it's not authenticated in any way. as you say, anybody can put stuff on there. >> you can go in there and change whatever you want. >> don't use that as a source for stuff, especially about me. we have a fun contest coming up. it's a voice contest. >> yes, yes, yes. >> we are starting to get submissions. and by that i mean we got one, i think. sara's going to tell us all about it. >> yeah, we did our voice contest last year, and it was a hit. this year there's a little spin. we're doing it with kids that are 18 to 16 years old. the winner will come with one guardian or parent to actually sing, and they'll get to meet and greet one of the judges from "the voice." but i think our judges are the best so it doesn't matter. logon to you have to be singing a cappella. >> no music.
2:16 am
>> no music and we're not looking for professionals as nice as they may sing. we do have a submission i want you guys to hear. so put on your blindfolds. >> don't look. >> i don't cheat, hoda. >> you're looking at the reflection. >> roll the tape. ♪ i set fire to the rain ♪ watch it pour ♪ watch it pour ♪ as i saw your face ♪ well it burned when i cried ♪ because i heard it screaming out your name ♪ >> cute. >> i love that song. >> they're the girlie girls from santa clarita, california. >> don't tell us any more information. we know here girls. >> how do you know? you never know. okay, are we done? can we take them off? >> i couldn't tell because the harmony went by so fast. i think there were maybe three people? four. >> submit your videos. this could be a lot of fun. >> they are really, really talented. we've got quite the show
2:17 am
today. >> wait a minute. it's winesday wednesday. one more thing about this kid. colby is his name. i forget his last name. colby, c-o-l-b-y, out in washington state. >> you're hooked on it. >> it's the best red wine i've ever had. it's very, very accessible and smooth and every penny goes to heart disease victims. so here's to you, colby, although you're only 14. up next, we're talking to a couple of kids from "the jersey shore." oh, my god, they're reading "the times." >> they're looking at the pictures. fighting. ♪ so every year my family throws this great reunion in austin. but this year, i can only afford one trip and i've always wanted to learn how to surf. austin's great -- just not for surfing. so i checked out hotwire. and by booking with them, i saved enough to swing both trips. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices.
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"the jersey shore" is set to wrap on its fifth season tomorrow night. >> five, wow. as we say good-bye to another year of gtl and debauchery on the jersey coast, two of its stars, vinny and deena, are here to reflect on their achievements. hello, kids. how you doing?
2:22 am
>> you do admit it ain't brain surgery. >> it's harder than it looks. >> tell us why. >> you film 24 hours a day. usually the jersey shore is for a vacation on the weekends. we do it every single night for two months straight. it gets a little tough. >> also we don't have like a cell phone. we don't have anything but each other. >> the whole world. >> do you lose a sense of reality when you're doing reality television? >> all the time. >> do you forget they're even there after a while and you start saying shoot, i wish i hadn't said that or done that? >> we were just discussing that. last time we were here, i was telling you i was going to italy. we can't even think -- it wasn't even real that we were there. >> he's, like, yeah, we lived by the carousel. oh, my god, i forgot that. >> your life's been documented and you kind of miss it because you can't be all the way present. you had a few medical issues, didn't you, vinny, you had issues with anxiety. >> yeah. >> and how are you doing? >> i'm fine. i was set off that week, and
2:23 am
unfortunately it was while i was there filming. there's no escape. that's our real life 24 hours a day. >> when you say "set off," honey, what happened? >> i was just anxious because we filmed in italy for two months. and then we were told that we were going right to jersey. so i hadn't slept in, like, weeks, you know. >> yeah. >> i was drinking every day. and for me, you know, a trigger gets set up in my mind where i turn into a miserable, different person, you know. and unfortunately, like i said, it was that week. >> deena, you helped out. you really came in and sort of helped lift him up. >> i tried. because vinny was one of the closest people in the house to me. and i go through anxiety also. he would kind of help me out when i was going through it. so i was, like, oh, my god. >> you know what i do for anxiety, vin? >> what do you do? >> i read my bible. why don't you all at the jersey shore at the house and get together and do a bible study. >> we couldn't have any books. >> you're not allowed to read? >> not the bible.
2:24 am
talk about anxiety. >> all we really have is each other. >> i think that's called a sweatshop, people. >> people always think it's in the house and just drinking. but no, sometimes we're not drinking, and it's so hard because you have the cameras on you from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to sleep. and if you get up when you're sleeping, they still see you, and they come in with the cameras. >> when do those guys sleep? >> they don't. >> there's someone on call 24 hours a day. >> snooki is on the cover of "us weekly," one of the highest selling ever. she's pregnant, announced that she's getting married. you're tight with her. tell us a little about that. >> she's very excited. this is what she's wanted for a while deep down inside. she's happy with gianni, so good for her. >> what's he like, gianni? >> gianni is cool. quiet. >> decent guy? >> i guess. >> he seems it. we don't really know that much. >> the last time she said on, i said you know what you need to do, snooks, take it from a mother figure. start valuing yourself. don't give yourself away to every jerk that comes along. what does she do? >> she did.
2:25 am
>> she really loves him. but, i mean, i don't know gianni like that. like i know him from coming to the house. i sometimes see him out, but it's not like that level that i really know. >> is this going to change the show, do you think? >> i think so. >> it could. but the thing is, it doesn't revolve around snooki. it's all of us in the house, so i don't see why we wouldn't be able to film again without her. >> because there's no place for a kid, you guys agree with that? >> yes. >> no place for an infant. >> maybe we could throw a little baby shower before she pops out a little meatball. >> turn the smush room, put a crib in there, decorate it. >> from smush to snush. >> do you think she's matured since all this news has come out? >> you know, you can say what you want about her, that she's a mess, but this is reality. i think what will mature you real quick, being pregnant. i don't know. i've never been pregnant, but i can imagine. >> you want anxiety. >> everybody sees one side -- like you see my party side. you see nicole's party side. there's other sides to us that
2:26 am
aren't just that. like we're very genuine. we're very -- >> i am truly concerned about a message that's sent to the youth of our nation which is that, you know, if you don't want a child, use protection. >> she's really happy. she's excited. >> all right. well, we're happy for her. >> she's stopped smoking. she doesn't drink. she's doing really good. >> good for her. >> thanks for coming to see us. >> remember, bible. are you going to read your bible now? >> i'm going to read my book. >> you can catch the finale of "the jersey shore" tomorrow night at 10/9 central on mtv. "what the what in" right after this. ♪ ♪ hey, nana, hey, nana ♪ hey, nana, hey, nana ♪ hey, nana, hey, nana ♪ hey, nana, hey, hey ♪ i've got a little secret, too ♪ ♪ i've got a mad little crush on you ♪ ♪ i wonder if you notice, wonder if you see ♪ ♪ i wonder if you ever want to dance with me ♪
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get ready to do some double takes from one of our favorite segments. it's called "what the what?" sara has spent all week long, she has nothing else to do, sorting through the photos you sent us, and she's here with our favorites. >> our first one is from doug from fairmont, minnesota. maybe i should get one of these for my front yard.
2:31 am
>> oh, yeah. >> that's the fast train straight to a special place. our next photo is from carolyn in burlington, ontario. this is great advice, i think. while driving, get a little wisdom. >> i like that one. >> you might want to hold a little longer. goggles, sometimes objects may appear closer. jim sidebottom from milwaukee, wisconsin, submitted this photo. >> showdown, see our dam. >> or see our dam judge. >> that's good. >> nice little warning there. we have a photo from redondo beach, california. >> if you look under 85. >> we're going to cast the net wide by saying if you look anything under 85, we are going to card you. so it's safe to say we'd all be i.d.'ed. >> i love it. i'm not complaining. carol from indiana sent us this photo. they do say honesty is the best policy. it's a restaurant.
2:32 am
and we can promise you that it's going to be better than most hospitals. maybe even the schools. we don't know for sure. and finally christina willard from north platte, nebraska, submitted this photo. was it really necessary? >> well, you never know. they could have gone all the way up to the very end. >> they give you an extra few feet, but don't drive there. >> okay. thank you, honey. all right. don't spend your entire week doing it. life is short. "what the what" is coming up. >> who knew? >> oh, yeah, who knew? who keeps up with this stuff?
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this portion of "today" is brought to you by the new nonalcoholic baileys coffee creamers. find your flavor today. and we're back on this winesday wednesday, ready to play our weekly trivia game we call "who knew?" st. patrick's day is saturday so we're going to test your luck with irish trivia. as always, kathie lee is next door. she's ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right.
2:37 am
and to those who don't, lucky them, they get a copy of kathie lee's cd. here to help me out is ryan, the host of ireland's "the late late late show" and the author of "jfk in ireland: four days that changed a president." the longest-running talk show in the world. >> in the world, ever. the planet earth. >> i love it. >> yes. nice to be here. >> you, too. >> this lovely lady is from newtown, connecticut. how many pints of guiness are consumed internationally on st. patrick's day? 10 million? 12 million? 13 million? or 15 million? >> oh, gosh. i'll say 15. >> oh, no, i'm so glad you got that wrong! >> oh, yes, the kathie lee cd. the correct answer, ryan, is actually? >> 13 million which is generally how many i'd have on a saturday night, but on st. patrick's week, we change that. i'm sorry she got the wrong answer. guinness is very popular. they say in ireland there's both eating and drinking it.
2:38 am
>> a meal. >> we consider it a meal. look at me. i'm well nourished. >> back across to cath. >> this lovely young lady is from texas. she's all dressed up for a party. a leprechaun is actually an irish what? a shoe maker? banker? magician? or a thief? >> a banker. >> did you say banker? you are adorable, and you are a proud owner of a new kathie lee cd. >> yes, she is. the correct answer here, shoe maker. >> some would say they are bankers given what they've been doing recently. by all accounts, shoe makers are unemployed dwarfs. >> okay. back across. >> i bet you this lady from iowa will know the answer to this. true or also, erin go bragh means let's drink. >> wrong. >> i told you. don't mess with this woman. >> i was going to say, she's a tough cookie over there. that, of course, is false.
2:39 am
>> it's false. there's great expressions in ireland. my favorite is may the rose rise ahead of you. i don't know why they say that because if the road rides ahead of you, it's the hills. there's another great one which president obama said when he was in ireland recently, which translates as "yes, we can." there's an irish expression for everything. erin go bragh, ireland forever and over. >> back across to kath. >> colleen, if you're out there in america watching this, dean has a message for you. all right? all right. in the meantime, this gentleman from tennessee, how many americans are named patrick? 1 in 100? 1 in 160? 1 in 200? or 1 in 260? >> "b." >> yeah. yeah. >> wow! that was a good guess. 1 in 160.
2:40 am
>> 1 in 160, barack patrick obama. who knew? my middle name's patrick. >> is it? >> my father's name is patrick. you can't avoid it. it's a beautiful name. it's named after a saint, st. patrick who was welsh. who knew? >> the cathedral right across the street. >> true story. >> back across. >> the best corned beef and cabbage in all of new york city no doubt about it wins every year is at neery's on 57th street. here's the question. true or false -- corned beef and cabbage is the traditional food eaten on st. patrick's day in ireland? >> true. >> oh. oh, have fun. >> all right. so in ireland, what is -- what is eaten on st. patrick's day? >> anything, actually. we go to mcdonald's. the truth is, it's not corned beef. corned beef and cabbage is a frightful meal. it's desperate. we'd all feel quite sick at the thought of eating it. i'm being honest. >> really? >> there's a tradition. you must have some corned beef and cabbage. my mother showed up with corned beef and cabbage, i'd say
2:41 am
politely i love you but i'm not going to eat that. some good irish stew or lamb. corned beef, there was a time. but i'm glad to say -- >> that time has passed. >> come on. >> moving on. ryan, thank you for coming to see us. good luck with your show. not that you need it. >> you always have luck. happy st. patrick's day and thanks for having me. >> my pleasure. are your kids always getting the upper hand in an argument? kathie lee will come back across the street, and we'll talk about how you can regain control right after this. do your lashes want volume or length? how about both? with covergirl lashblast fusion. a mascara for lashes that want it all... all at once. our biggest brush meets our fiberstretch formula to bring you a blast of volume and length. lashes that want it all want lashblast fusion. from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. make a splash with water resistant lashblast fusion.
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children really know how to push their parents' buttons to a point where they give in or they argue, pretty much. >> yes, but susan is the author of "parenting without power struggles." she says you can raise your child without battles by following her techniques. where were you when i needed you? >> where was i when i needed you? >> we talk so much about parenting and how we feel like the kids rule the roost. >> asylum. >> yeah, when you're watching how parents deal with their kids, clearly they're not the
2:46 am
ones in charge. >> no, and we need to be. our kids want and need us to be what i call the captain of the ship. >> we're doing them a disservice. we love our children so much. if you really love them, then discipline them, right? >> because the truth is we're not raising children. we're raising adults. >> well, show us some good techniques. >> three things. >> hand signals. hand signals. >> so this represents the parent. the parent in charge. and this is the child. this is how it's supposed to go where the child says, i want some cake. sweetie, not right now. why not? watch carefully. because you won't eat your dinner. yes, i will. no, i gave you cake last night and you didn't eat. but that's because this is where you have the pushing and the pushing back. nobody's in charge. i call this the two lawyers. >> yes. >> and then it goes worse. if you don't give me cake, i'm not going to do my homework. yes, you are. >> they become the dominant one. >> and down here the way you know you're here is you're bribing and threatening and nobody's in charge. that's where you're not at your best parenting. >> show us how it should be. >> same scenario. >> i want some cake.
2:47 am
sweetie, i know. the cake's really good. can i have some? i'm afraid not. why not? whatever reason i give you isn't going to make sense right now, but it's really yummy, i get it, and maybe we'll talk about when you can have cake and you can make another one. you're not engaging. you're not participating or pushing or pushing back. >> but you are giving them hope. >> seems to me it's not as decisive enough. am i wrong? >> that's if they're not pushing against you. if they're really nuts and stirred up, you don't give any hope. it's not that you're not giving hope, you're just saying i know you want it. it's great cake. it tasted so good, but you're not engaging in the power struggle. you're staying disengaged. >> you may have dessert after you've had your full dinner. >> you can say that, but you don't want to feed their push. sometimes we train our kids how to push and push and push to get what they want. >> what about when you're totally exhausted? you know what i mean? you're tired, it's the end of the day. when you need a piece of cake. just eat it. >> here's the way that you hold this place.
2:48 am
you make it your idea. i was about to give you cake. i can't believe it! you read my mind! >> oh, so then you steal the power? >> you manipulate them. i like that. >> then they know their place. >> when your child is very frustrated -- >> usually it's because they're tired. >> a lot of times they're at the end of the day. >> what do you do in that kind of situation? >> you stay calm. you slow down. you address the root of what's going on by just getting them to nod their head or say yes at least three times. you really -- you know, you really were hoping i would give you a free pass on the homework. you really don't want to do it. i get it. and you just don't engage in the pushing. but you acknowledge what's underneath it. >> i think that's an important point. acknowledging that your feelings are your feelings. >> sure. >> and you have the right to them. however, mine are more important than yours. >> all right. there's a lot of great stuff in your book. >> very nice to meet you. you look beautiful in your jennifer miller outfit. you can read an excerpt from her book at
2:49 am
up next, age-busting makeup tricks. they'll help you look years and years and years younger after this. >> and years. good morning. temperatures have been heating up for most of the country. will it stay the same? a lot of people want to know. rain showers today scattered through the mid south. a few isolated thunderstorms as well. around the lakes, we'll see a little rain. the stormy winter weather persistent in the pacific northwest and sliding down into california, san francisco, cloudy with delays at sfo because of the fog in place. that's been the case just about each day this week. 80 in kansas city. so it's going to stay more like may or june in the temperature department, all the way into the mid-atlantic. the exception being the northeast where a little front has pushed through dragging in cooler temperatures.
2:50 am
only 58 for the high in new york city but more like may and june across the south. 80 in houston, 81 in atlanta. hot in the desert southwest. only 50 in seattle with persistent rain. snow in the cascades. we'll see that again on friday. the showers move into the northeast. i hope you enjoyed the dry weather while it lasted because we have rain on the way and the temps stay in the 50s, cooling off just a bit by the time we get into friday across the south. 71 in minneapolis. we've had 80s in chicago. unbelievable for this time of year. 71 in chicago. by saturday, that storm system drops into southern california bringing wet weather to los angeles and san diego for the weekend. the big marathon in l.a. it's going to be a wet one, with temperatures in the 40s. temperatures slowly climbing in places like new york city. in the 70s again by the time we kick off next week. and we'll track the next system as it moves across the country.
2:51 am
you can always "wake up with al" weekdays at 6:00 a.m. for your latest forecast. meatball marinara with pepperoni is amazing. sooo good. ♪ oh pepperoni ♪ makes all my subs-a ♪ taste so much bettah ♪ how much i love yah see the game last night? course i did; it's good... [ male announcer ] get to subway pronto for our fresh takes on pepperoni. with the mangialicoius meatball pepperoni melt and chicken pizziola melt. subway. eat fresh. when i'm on the night shift. when they have more energy than i do. when i don't feel like working out. when there isn't enough of me to go around. ♪ when i have school. and work. every morning. it's faster and easier than coffee. every afternoon when that 2:30 feeling hits.
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to take years off your appearance, look no further than your own makeup bag. the right lip color or foundation will help you turn back the clock instantly. here with age-busting makeup tricks is meredith rollins. >> we love her. >> so nice to see you again. thank you. >> you, too. some tips to really shave some years off? >> they really are. i'm not saying you should throw out your wrinkle creams or stop wearing spfs, but these are easy. it's really one product. you can do them yourself. you don't need a makeup artist, and they make you look great. >> let's start with purdy. >> so this is a beautiful sort of rosy blush, and it is a cream formulation. the key thing with cream blush is that you can just put it on with your fingers, you just rub it in.
2:54 am
it gives you that youthful glow. and it's better than a powder brush because powder formulas can settle into fine lines and make your skin look a little dry. with a cream formulation, you can just build it up beautifully. >> just make sure you blend it real well. >> exactly. >> you do look great. let's move down to tiffany. this is the eyeliner section. hi, tiffany. >> tiffany is wearing this beautiful black liner that is flipped up at the ends. as all of us get a little older, the outside of the corners of your eyes tend to droop a tiny bit. this counteracts it because you use a liner to go along here and flick it up. you can use it with a q-tip, you can use the end of your pencil, and it gives you sort of an instant eyelift. >> we like that. >> you look great. >> thank you. >> now, on the eyes, we've got shimmers or something you like here. stacy is with us. >> exactly. so this is a neutral shimmery shadow. >> i like that. >> it is just one shade lighter than her normal skin tone. and we use a powder formulation here because cream formulations
2:55 am
for shadow can sometimes settle into your fine lines and make you look a little crepey. but this is like spanx for your lids. it just lifts you and makes you look great. >> just saying the word spanx, we need money every time she uses that. >> a little less expensive options? >> you can get them at any price point and really any shade that matches your skin tone. >> you should throw these things out after a while. what would you say, six months? >> six months, get rid of them. >> hody, that means you. get a whole new bag. >> get a whole new ziploc. thanks, hon. we have christine here on the end, and we're talking lips. we need this one, don't we? >> yeah. the other thing that happens as you get older is that you lose color in your lips. and so the best way to look really youthful is to have sort of a rosy glow. and you can use kind of a sheer formulation like this revlon. >> that's so natural. >> pinky rosy glow really gives
2:56 am
you that kind of young, sexy, juicy-looking mouth. >> she was talking about you. >> juicy. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, ladies. up next, we're tasting the wild flavors of south africa. >> really? >> i know. this is "today" on nbc.
2:57 am
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3:00 am
it is time for "today's kitchen," and we're gettin' saucy with a chef visiting us all the way from south africa. >> he is very cute. he's here from ruben's at one and only cape town. >> and he's got hot chicken balls for us. >> so you're making chicken balls for us, yes? >> i'm making chicken balls. i wanted to -- i'll just start by saying i wanted to make ostrich, but i thought that was going to be too big for today. >> it's hard to catch those doggone things. ostrich balls, i guess we could have had. >> is this breast meat or dark meat? >> it's dark meat. it's just a bit more moist. we slow cook that in a bit of a stock. just pick them off the bone. >> mm-hmm. >> and then we started some onion. >> what about all this business here? is that going in? >> that's some curry powder, nutmeg, lemon juice for zest.
3:01 am
>> first of all, that's onion and carrots? >> that's some onion and carrots, yes. >> good. >> the spice will make it a bit lighter as well. >> and healthy. >> and healthy, ruben. >> ruben, stop it. >> once we get there -- >> now, where does the chicken go? in here? >> you can add the chicken to this. >> i could do that. i'll do it. >> spices. >> i'll do it. >> you're doing well there. >> thank you. i'm stirring. look at me stirring. >> i'll slowly add this. >> uh-huh. >> faster. >> oh, faster? >> yeah. >> okay. >> you've done this before, i can see. >> yes, i'm very schooled. >> only here. >> in the kitchen. at the "today" show. okay. and how long is this happening? >> just until it starts to thicken up. >> uh-huh. >> and then we're just going to -- and normally that has to cool a little bit. >> oh, look what i've done, kath. >> look at you, hodi. >> oh, this is that?
3:02 am
>> and this week we stir for how long? just so it gets moistened together? just to mix it up. >> all right, we're ready. i'm going to add this? oh, lord. good luck. >> it really looks like she's done it. >> she knows what she's doing. i do it quickly. >> you've got to stand back when hoda does that because i know hoda. >> okay. sorry, kath. >> it flies. that's all right. we mix that up. and that becomes -- >> so that cools. we mix it up. it cools. >> sorry, kath. >> that's all right. >> all right. >> so these, we've -- >> show us. >> so that's been cooled down a little bit. >> scoop it out. >> just scoop it out like that. >> mm-hmm. yeah. >> make them nice and round. >> make them nice and round. you can make them small or big. >> yes, you can. >> people prefer them different ways. >> yeah.
3:03 am
>> yeah. >> uh-huh. okay. >> all right. just regular little -- what kind -- >> panko bread crumbs, the japanese ones. >> the japanese. >> and then you just drop them in that hot oil? >> yeah, stand back for that. oh, you don't have it too hot. all right. and we sizzle them for how long? >> just until they get nice golden brown like that. >> okay. >> and then basically -- i mean, that takes a few minutes. it doesn't take too long. the chicken's cooked already. we're not trying to cook it. >> so we're just going to have a little bite of it. >> that goes over salad? >> that goes over salad like this. like so. >> oh, that's delicious. >> this is actually the great thing is the sauce. and it's not quite a lot of fruit in here. sweet and sour. >> i like that. >> that has a little bit of a chutney taste. >> thank you for coming to see us. >> you have to try the wine. >> sweet. >> you shouldn't have. but you couldn't come back if you hadn't. thank you, ruben. >> thank you, sweetie. tomorrow funny man joel mchale is with us? >> who invited him?
3:04 am
am buck make have a great day, everybody. happy wednesday winesday. see you today at 1:00 from new broadway. >> jimmy: hey, you guys. it's broadway week right here at "late night," and right now i'm standing in front of the stephen sondheim theatre on 43rd street, where currently "anything goes" is enjoying a great run. and you'll get to see a performance from "anything goes" tonight. let's start the show. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon!


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